House Isn’t Selling? Here’s What Could Have Gone Wrong


Selling a house isn’t easy, there’s everything from decorating it to presenting it to buyers and more which has to be considered. But even after doing all that and sorting out the legal issues, many times you will find that your house isn’t selling. These can be depressing times for people who need the money from the house to carry out some other work. But here’s some advice on what you can do if your house is taking longer to sell:

Fix your presentation

Many times this is where people fail. Many do need a major decluttering session where many things which are kept in the nook and crannies have to be thrown out. You might have to invest in the services of a staging company or perhaps get ready to fix some things which perhaps evaded your eye. If there are issues which need to be sorted to present the property properly, then you need to fix them as fast as possible. If expenses for fixing are building up, then you can consider some Do-It-Yourself as well. Otherwise, a paint job and hiring one handyman can do the job.

Be fair and forthcoming

If you have some issues in the house, then don’t hide them. Always be upfront and disclose what issues there are to the buyers. Them finding out from you early on will be much better than them finding it after the offer and deal have been made. An even better alternative is to work with your local council to see if those issues can get sorted. Solving consent issues and other legal matters can add value to your home and make many other buyers consider buying your house.

Promote it well

When marketing the fact that you have a house to sell make sure that you upgrade it well and make sure that it gets featured in a listing page. Boost the fact that you are selling the house by putting it up on various social media pages which deal with real estate. A major thing which turns potential buyers from buying is often the font style or pictures used. Make sure that the pictures you are using shows the best angle of the house and the text is professional but inviting. Any good Auckland real estate agent or an agency from any place should do this event a couple of weeks.

Time to change the agent

So if your presentation is okay, all legal issues are taken care of, the house is well maintained and well lit, you have promoted your property to your best extent but nothing has happened yet. If you still find that you aren’t selling right around the average time taken to sell a house in your area then perhaps you look at the price you are asking for in accordance to your house. Another thing you might have to change is the person who you have employed. Your agent should be working with you to make the house sell as fast as possible. If you find a disinterested agent then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Real estate is tricky and a lot of it does depend on luck. But with some effort, time and money along with a good agent, you will be able to make a sale soon.