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Should you use Directory Sites?

Directory sitesDirectory sites can be a great way to promote your business through a platform that already gets traffic. However you have to be careful to make sure that if you are going to pay for a listing that you will actually get a positive ROI. Many sites out there, are happy to take your money but do not have the number of visitors to justify their fees.

Below we have put together a checklist that you need to look at if you are going to be using a directory site.

1. Does the category page show up on the first page of Googles search results?

In my opinion this is probably the most important feature in any directory type site. You need to check that when you type your primary type keyword into Google that the website is showing up on page one. This means that people who are doing searches for your product or service will find the page that your site is listed on and you will get people clicking through to your website. A good example would be if you searched for local kitchen installation professionals and you would see the find kitchen installers website show up.

2. Is the site paying for pay per click traffic?

Ask the directory if they are paying money to ensure they are getting customers. This way you will know that they are serious about getting you visitors and they are genuinely looking to add value to your business. If they are not paying for traffic then they better have some very good SEO to make up the difference.

3. How many hits does the site get every month?

This is what the last two factors boil down to. I find that the best visitors come from the search engines as they are actively searching out what you have to offer which is why I put a focus on it. However probably the most important factor is how many visitors are actually hitting the directory site and how many of those visitors then go and click on business listings.

4. Is this the kind of place where customers in your industry are looking?

If you are a dentist, are people really looking at these directories? Would it be better to invest the money into your own website to help your brand and send people through properties you own. The other option is to offer word of mouth incentives to make people go out and talk about your business.

There are 101 ways to promote your business and to be frank in many cases directories just don’t cut it. There are just a few that do.

Business Finance: Cash-Flow Forecast Tutorial

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An easy to follow tutorial of a cash flow forecast for business finance.


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3 Criteria to Look for in a Car Loan Provider

Car financeA car is a great investment for anyone to have. It helps to save time since you can use it to travel to and from areas of work and play very fast. There are various ways to get the necessary money to buy a car. One of these ways is using a car finance provider. This is a loan that you take out to purchase your car. You can get this loan from the banks or from independent loan providers. There are many facilities out there that are willing to provide you with a loan to purchase a car. Here is a criteria that will assist you in picking the right one.

1. A good record

A good car finance company will have a good track record of service. They should have provided clients with car loans and proper levels of service. In addition to that, they should have very good customer service. The provider should be well established and reputable within the industry. Also, they should provide car loans to a variety of people up and down the credit rating ladder. This means that they should be ready and willing to provide

2. Great customer service

The car loan provider should be able to provide you with proper customer service. They should always answer your phone calls very fast. Also, they should provide you with all their contact details. The representative of the car loan provider should be polite and answer any questions that you have. Their services should be transparent. This means that they should be ready and willing to walk you through the process of securing a car loan and explain every single detail. Moreover, they should be willing to work with your banker if need be. When you are dealing with your car financing provider, they should make you feel like family. Their staff should give you the respect you deserve as well. They should communicate with you using a professional tone on phone calls as well as in person. The staff must identify themselves and be ready to assist you with anything you require. All the representatives of the car financing provider should be well trained. They should manage your application in a professional manner. In addition to that, they should keep your personal details private and confidential. For more questions on what to ask, click here.

3. Should be certified

A very important criteria that your car financing provider must meet is that they must be certified by the relevant bodies. The certification proves that they are conducting their business legally. If they are certified, then you can trust them to lend you legitimate money and conduct the processes of the transaction in a legitimate manner. When you approach a car finance provider, you must ask that they provide you with a certificate showing that they are approved with the relevant. In addition to the certificate, the car finance provider should have other indicators of approval for example wall plaques, stickers as well as the logo of their certification body in their paperwork and advertising material.

Here is a good checklist for buying a car –




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